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The Ottawa Citizen interviews BFO Ottawa about COVID grief, two years in

March 11, 2022

Mai-Lan, a BFO Ottawa support group participant, shares her story of COVID grief, and Jane Davey, BFO Program Manager, talks about the impact COVID has had on our grieving community.

BFO Ottawa

Sam Laprade interviews Paula Laponse on air

December 13, 2021

Paula Laponse spent time talking with Sam Laprade from City News Ottawa this week, about her journey with grief. Listen to Paula’s story here:

Please listen to the audio above. The interview is 2.30 minutes into the recording.

BFO Ottawa

Coping with grief during the pandemic

November 5, 2021

​Listen to the radio broadcast between BFO Ottawa program manager Julie Ann and Angie Kokott of CTV News Edmonton here:

Please listen to the audio above.

BFO Ottawa

BFO Ottawa speaks about the pain of deferred grief during the pandemic

October 12, 2021

Our Program Manager, Julie Ann Levett, spoke with Ottawa Citizen writer, Blair Crawford.

BFO Ottawa

COVID-19: Canada’s First National Day of Remembrance

March 11, 2021

Today, we’re thinking of all those who have lost loved ones during this difficult year. Light a candle with us today.